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3. Compiling the Program

This chapter describes how to build all the libraries and executables needed for CoolRay

If you have a binary distribution, you can skip this chapter.


In order to compile CoolRay, you should have a C++ compiler installed. GNU C++ 2.95.2 was tested and works fine.

Make sure, you have the OCoreLib installed. OCoreLib comes with a seperate package and must be available in order to compile and run CoolRay.

Extract the archive with:

tar -xzvf CoolRay-<Version>.tgz

Start the configuration by invoking the script "configure". This script tests your environment. If you have freetype and/or imagelib installed, it is detected and the support is enabled.

If there are problems, please consult "configure --help" for more options.

Now simply start "make". When the build is complete, there will be a executable in the directory ./source/os named coolray.


CoolRay provides files for building a Windows version with Microsoft Visual C++. The files can be found in ./source/os/windows/win32

Open the file CoolRay.argl and select Project/Compile...


Follow the steps as described in "Linux".

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