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VirtualMachineImp Class Reference

Implementation of the VirtualMachine. More...

#include <VirtualMachineImp.h>

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Public Methods

const void* getCodePointer (int nModule,unsigned long nAddr)const
 VirtualMachineImp (VirtualMachine &vm)
 ~VirtualMachineImp ()
void setProgram (ObjectFile *pFile)
 Associate a VM program with the VirtualMachine. More...

const ObjectFilegetProgram ()const throw ()
 Get the associated program. More...

ObjectgetGlobalObject (const string &sName)const throw ()
 Associate a scene.

void setGlobalObject (const string &sName,Object *pObject) throw ()
void run ()
void setTrapHandler (int trap,TrapHandler *pTrapHandler) throw ()
TrapHandler* getTrapHandler (int trap)const throw ()
virtual void setDebugger (Debugger *pDebugger) throw ()
 Set a custom debugger to watch and debug program execution. More...

virtual Debugger* getDebugger ()const throw ()
 Get the currently installed debugger.

virtual int getModuleCount ()const
virtual void getModuleDescription (int nIndex,ModuleDescription &md)const
virtual long getStackSize ()const
virtual void getStackItem (int nIndex,string &sType,string &sValue)const
virtual long getBasePointer ()const
virtual long getDisassembly (int nModule,long nCodeAddr,string &sDisassembly,long &nSourceLine)const
virtual void setExecutionMode (ExecutionMode eMode)
virtual unsigned long getProgramCounter (int *pnModule=NULL)const throw ()
virtual void go ()
virtual void step ()

Detailed Description

Implementation of the VirtualMachine.

Member Function Documentation

long VirtualMachineImp::getDisassembly ( int nModule,
long nCodeAddr,
string & sDisassembly,
long & nSourceLine ) const [virtual]

code address of next instruction

Reimplemented from VirtualMachineDebug.

const ObjectFile * VirtualMachineImp::getProgram ( ) const throw () [inline]

Get the associated program.

If no program is associated NULL is returned instead.

void VirtualMachineImp::setDebugger ( Debugger * pDebugger ) throw () [virtual]

Set a custom debugger to watch and debug program execution.

pDebugger   Pointer to a valid debugger object NULL, to uninstall a debugger

See also:
Debugger, VirtualMachineDebug;

void VirtualMachineImp::setProgram ( ObjectFile * pFile )

Associate a VM program with the VirtualMachine.

pFile   a valid object file with the virtual machine program

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  • VirtualMachineImp.h
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