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VirtualMachineDebug Class Reference

Debugging interface of the virtual machine. More...

#include <VirtualMachine.h>

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Public Types

enum  ExecutionMode { eNormal = 0, eSingleStep = 1, eExternalControl = 2 }

Public Methods

virtual ~VirtualMachineDebug ()
virtual int getModuleCount ()const=0
virtual void getModuleDescription (int nIndex,ModuleDescription &md)const=0
virtual long getStackSize ()const=0
virtual void getStackItem (int nIndex,string &sType,string &sValue)const=0
virtual long getBasePointer ()const=0
virtual long getDisassembly (int nModule,long nCodeAddr,string &sDisassembly,long &nSourceLine)const=0
virtual unsigned long getProgramCounter (int *pnModule=NULL)const=0 throw ()
virtual void setExecutionMode (ExecutionMode eMode)=0
virtual void go ()=0
virtual void step ()=0

Detailed Description

Debugging interface of the virtual machine.

Member Function Documentation

long VirtualMachineDebug::getDisassembly ( int nModule,
long nCodeAddr,
string & sDisassembly,
long & nSourceLine ) const [pure virtual]

code address of next instruction

Reimplemented in VirtualMachineImp.

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  • VirtualMachine.h
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