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UnionBounded Class Reference

A Box is a solid object which is described by two corner points. More...

#include <UnionBounded.h>

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Public Types

enum  { PROPERTY_POINT1 = 0x0300, PROPERTY_POINT2 = 0x0301, PROPERTY_OBJECTS = 0x0302 }

Public Methods

 DECLARE_CLASS (UnionBounded,Primitive)
 UnionBounded ()
virtual ~UnionBounded ()
virtual void setProperty (int nProperty,const Variant &value)
virtual void getProperty (int nProperty,Variant &vValue)const
virtual void acceptOperation (Visitor *pVisitor)
virtual bool intersect (Ray *ray,IntersectionList *intersectionList)
virtual Vector3 getNormalVector (Intersection *intersection)
virtual TexturegetTexture (Intersection *intersection)
virtual Color getColor (Intersection *intersection)

Public Attributes

Vector3 point1
Vector3 point2
vector< <Primitive> > objects

Static Public Attributes

const Vector3 
normal_side [6]

Detailed Description

A Box is a solid object which is described by two corner points.

The other corner points can be calculated out of this information as there are only rectangular corners.

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  • UnionBounded.h
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