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StackLabel Class Reference

StackLabel encapsulate any stack position. More...

#include <Assembler.h>

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Public Methods

 StackLabel ()
 StackLabel (long pos)
 StackLabel (const StackLabel &label)
StackLabel& operator= (const StackLabel &label)
bool operator== (long pos)
bool operator== (const StackLabel &pos)
StackLabel& operator= (long pos)
long operator- (const StackLabel &label)
StackLabel operator- (long offset)
bool isValid ()const

Detailed Description

StackLabel encapsulate any stack position.

StackLabel objects can be used to calculate relative stack access offsets without bothering about the "real" stack positions itself.

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file:
  • Assembler.h
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