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RenderJob Class Reference

RenderJob is the central interface the scene. More...

#include <RenderJob.h>

Inheritance diagram for RenderJob

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Public Methods

virtual ~RenderJob ()
virtual bool parse (InputStream *pSceneStream)=0
virtual void build ()=0
virtual void render (ImageWriter *pWriter)=0
 Sets the ImageWriter for this scene. More...

virtual void wait ()=0
virtual bool stop ()=0
virtual bool isRendering ()=0
virtual void setRenderSize (long nWidth,long nHeight)=0
virtual void setRenderArea (Area area)=0
virtual void setPixelFormat (int nFormat)=0
virtual void setErrorStream (OutputStream *pErrorStream)=0
virtual void setProgressDisplay (Progress *pProgress)=0
virtual VirtualMachinegetVirtualMachine ()=0
virtual void initVM (unsigned long *nAddrMin,unsigned long *nAddrMax,unsigned long *nAddrStart)=0
virtual void stepVM ()=0
virtual void goVM ()=0
virtual void setBreakpointVM (unsigned long nAddr)=0
virtual void removeBreakpointVM (unsigned long nAddr)=0
virtual unsigned long getProgramCounterVM ()=0
virtual unsigned long readVM (unsigned long nAddr)=0
virtual double readDoubleVM (unsigned long nAddr)=0
virtual Vector2 readPointVM (unsigned long nAddr)=0
virtual Vector3 readVectorVM (unsigned long nAddr)=0
virtual Color readColorVM (unsigned long nAddr)=0
virtual std::string readStringVM (unsigned long nAddr)=0
virtual void readRegisterVM (RegisterSet *regs)=0
virtual CoolRay* getCoolRay ()const=0

Detailed Description

RenderJob is the central interface the scene.

It controls parsing, building and rendering the scene.

Member Function Documentation

void RenderJob::render ( ImageWriter * pWriter ) [pure virtual]

Sets the ImageWriter for this scene.

The ImageWriter is now owned by the scene and might be deleted somewhen!

pWriter   A instance of an ImageWriter

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  • RenderJob.h
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