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Matrix4 Class Reference

concrete class for 4x4 matrices. More...

#include <Matrix4.h>

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Public Methods

Matrix4& null ()
Matrix4& identy ()
Matrix4& scale (double sx,double sy,double sz)
Matrix4& scale (const Vector3 &s)
Matrix4& translate (double tx,double ty,double tz)
Matrix4& translate (const Vector3 &t)
Matrix4& rotate (const Vector3 &r)
Matrix4& rotate_x (double w)
Matrix4& rotate_y (double w)
Matrix4& rotate_z (double w)
Matrix4& camera_matrix (const Vector3 &r,const Vector3 &v,const Vector3 &u)
void invert ()
double* operator[] (int idx)
const double* operator[] (int idx)const

Public Attributes

double m [4][4]

Detailed Description

concrete class for 4x4 matrices.

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file:
  • Matrix4.h
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