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ImageWriterDCOMProxy Class Reference

The ImageWriterDCOMProxy is a C++ ImageWriter for DCOM. More...

#include <ImageWriterDCOMProxy.h>

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Public Methods

 ImageWriterDCOMProxy (IImageWriter *pDCOMWriter,IUnknown *pRenderJob)
 Constructor. More...

virtual ~ImageWriterDCOMProxy ()
virtual void initWriter (Area area,int nChannels)
virtual void writePixels (Area area,unsigned short *pData,bool bAreaFinal)
virtual void finishWriter (int nStatus)

Detailed Description

The ImageWriterDCOMProxy is a C++ ImageWriter for DCOM.

All incoming C++ calls are delegated to the specified DCOM IImageWriter interface.

The ImageWriterDCOMProxy will maintain a 'living thread(s)' reference to the RenderJob, until the finishWriter method is called. This ensures that the RenderJob object is not released while some threads are still rendering.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ImageWriterDCOMProxy::ImageWriterDCOMProxy ( IImageWriter * pDCOMWriter,
IUnknown * pRenderJob )


pDCOMWriter   IImageWriter DCOM interface to delegate calls to.
pRenderJob   Associated render job, to maintain 'living thread(s)' reference count.

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