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ColorMapFont Class Reference

This class is a two dimensional color map. More...

#include <ColorMapFont.h>

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Public Types

enum  { PROPERTY_FONT = 0x0200, PROPERTY_TEXT = 0x0201, PROPERTY_COLOR1 = 0x0202, PROPERTY_COLOR2 = 0x0203 }

Public Methods

 DECLARE_CLASS (ColorMapFont,ColorMap)
 ColorMapFont ()
virtual ~ColorMapFont ()
virtual void setProperty (int nProperty,const Variant &vValue)
virtual void getProperty (int nProperty,Variant &vValue)
virtual Color getColor (const double value)
virtual Color getColor (const Vector2 value)
virtual Color getColor (const Vector3 value)

Protected Attributes

string fontName
string text
Color color1
Color color2
FontMap* pixmap
bool valid

Detailed Description

This class is a two dimensional color map.

It uses the two dimensional vector to address the coordinates of an image. The image is held in a bitmap object.

Stefan Michel
See also:
Bitmap , XYZPigment , Pattern

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